CenCON also reviews development plans for projects both within and affecting the City of Centennial and gives requested critical input as an official referral agency of the Community Development Department. Our input regarding planned developments is seriously considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Mayor, City Council, and staff.

CenCON members have actively participated in City Task Forces and committees when requested.
  * The City's Comprehensive Plan
  * Land Development Code
  * Transportation Plan
  * Municipal Code
  * Other topics at the request of City of Centennial officials

Meetings are attended by a CenCON representative, elected or appointed by each member association,

and are open to the public, but CenCON reserves the right to limit public comment.

Your association's representative accepts three major responsibilities:
  * to regularly attend CenCON meetings,
  * to voice the interests of your member association and to vote on debated issues, and
  * to return to your member association with the news and information learned at the meeting.

CenCON has no legislative authority and is effective only by working cooperatively with city officials as the responsible, collective voice of City of Centennial residents.

During periods of rapid growth and expansion within the City of Centennial, the possibility of well-planned developments being considered in the vicinity of your neighborhood is greater than it has ever been.  It is vital that CenCON's respected voice on development issues not only be maintained, but also becomes stronger than ever – it can and with your membership and "active input," your neighborhood's voice will be fully represented!

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month, except December, at 6:45 p.m. at the Arapahoe Library Administration Building at 12855 E. Adam Aircraft Circle.  In the event that the fourth Monday of the month is a holiday then the meeting is either cancelled or moved to an alternate day as selected by the membership.  Check the
Meeting Schedule for exact dates.  Membership dues are $30.00 per annum.

CenCON is comprised of neighborhood associations (homeowners' associations, civic associations, townhome associations, condo associations, and a few others) in the City of Centennial.  Each association sends a representative to the monthly meetings. Currently we represent about 20,000 homes in about 45 associations.

CenCON meets eleven times a year to impart important information from the City and many special districts that serve our members.  Your CenCON representative brings this information back to your association for dissemination to your homeowners by means of monthly meetings, newsletters, etc.

Information is presented at each meeting by:

* City of Centennial officials: Mayor, City Council

   Members, Commission representatives, and staff
* Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (Centennial's

   contracted Police Force)
* South Metro Fire Rescue representatives

* South Suburban Parks and Recreation District
* Arapahoe Library District
* Arapahoe Park and Recreation District
* Others having information judged to be important

   for Centennial homeowners



Centennial Council of Neighborhoods